Designing Utopia – a lesson from Star Trek

Sometimes speculative technology used in films has inspired researchers to make such devices. A famous example is one of the first mobile phones developed by Motorola – a flip phone resembling the communicator in Star Trek TV series from 1966. Another one can be the automatic sliding door or personal computers, but I digress.3 colaj 2.jpg

Star Trek is one of those iconic franchises that had a tremendous influence over generations thus the reboot from 2009 was also meant to bring a new generation in touch with this universe and hopefully inspire them too.

I am (and always shall be) fascinated by this world but as an architect I was a little disappointed by the lack of designs especially regarding Earth. reciclare set.jpgSTARFLEET.jpg

This was of course due to budget constraints.

But the reboot had more (and more… and more) to play with so here’s my two cents on what they did.

One thought on “Designing Utopia – a lesson from Star Trek

  1. I noticed a couple of things. Notably that every alien society liked the same ish and Starfleet headquarters seems to change.
    I like star trek but in a lot of ways it’s too utopia. Too sickly sweet. ☺️

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