Star Trek Into Darkness [2013]

movie: Star Trek Into Darkness

year (of the story): 2259

location: Earth (London & San Francisco) + Praxis (moon of the klingon homeworld Kronos)

population: humans + other humanoid races

category (of the story): technological future + alien world


London – resembles the present day real-estate development with various towers and several low rise buildings and few classic ones in the mix. The towers have various shapes, much like the current competition entries from starchitects, but the color palette and materials are quite limited to shades of blue, black & white, lots of glass and metallic structures with little or no concrete.

San Francisco – besides using the Getty Center by Richard Meier (actually in Los Angeles) as the Starfleet HQ the rest of the city is made of a collection of eclectic towers, more technical and heavier in aspect than the London ones but the same color scheme and materials (but with more steel). Alcatraz has been covered and surrounded with an installation that looks like sun panels (maybe it’s a green energy power-plant?). Some buildings feature elements of parametric design, others just geometric patterns and textures, mostly faceted and only a few are curved.

Praxis – the damaged moon of klingon homeworld Kronos, this is one alien looking place – everything is constructed, almost no natural surfaces are shown, it’s an abandoned city; the built environment is meant to be an energy-production facility that was abandoned due to an accident from over-mining. It is brutish in aspect with solid and angled facets covered with symbols. it’s a decaying world, about to collapse. 2013 star trek into darkness

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