Augmented Spaces – A Look Beyond Advertising

just finished my latest article with the above title.


From billboards to urban screens and now to media facades, the augmentation of our cities has expanded, changing behaviours and public space consumption. Smart buildings are being developed and, much like the smartphones, these hybrids are not only in sci-fi movies anymore. One of the main promoters of media facades and media architecture has been the advertising industry. But artist and designers showed the potential for different approaches, experimenting with digitally augmented spaces both indoors and outdoors. Going beyond the commercial aspect of being an advertising and branding tool, these hybrids offer a variety of uses.

Questions of how and where do we use them and how can they improve our life quality are discussed here underlining that we developed a media behaviour, adjusting our relation between nature and information environment. I examine some of the most notable experiments outside the advertising sphere offering a base for future development of augmented spaces and opening the discussion over the language of new media architecture.

06 001_10

image: permanent exhibition, BMW Museum, Munich , Germany, © Marcus Meyer, Marcus Buck,

p.s. i will update soon with the link to the published article


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