today's quote

Computers are everywhere – Who asked for this ?

Anytime-anyplace! – Equals nowhere

Objects will be smart – And they will force us to do something stupid

Anything can be on the internet – Do you need e-mail in a toaster ?

Anything can get an interface – Will they all flash 12:00, like VCRs ?

We can invent the future – But don’t damage what already exists

Microchips are cheap – Dealing with them is expensive

Buildings get nervous systems – Inhabitants get nervous

You can monitor your family – Does that build trust ?

Stuff becomes programmable – I don’t have time

Stuff becomes programmable – I don’t like the way someone else does it

Systems anticipate needs – And they assume we need entertainment

Tags can carry intructions – Mind the step; eat your vegetables

System respond to you – Hi! You appear to be writing a letter !!

Smart conveniences – What, the curtains ?

People won’t tolerate this – Look how they took up mobile phones

Who could love a computer – Did the farmer love his plow ?

Big brother is watching – Through terabytes of data smog

It’s all about surveillance – And cars are all about emissions ? bad side effects

Computers crash – So do cars, but we still use them

The net boom is over – Computers are not going away; quite the contrary

I’m against technology – Except my dishwasher



Common objections to pervasive computing - Digital ground, Malcom McCullough

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