work in progress…hybrid spaces…

some ideas i will present monday in a conference … i will try to make logic and sense until then, but anyway, just need them displayed

HYBRID SPACES are not just a trend in architecture, they are o product of the tehnology/informational society – hybrid architecture is not all about the form (blobs or screwed grids, organic shapes or exploded volumes), it is about mixing virtual with real; like the contemporary cinema that mixes computer designed special effects with recorded images of the real so does architecture – mixing virtuality (as a everchanging flow of data, as the variable propability) with real shaped, static and fixed work

every stage in the history or arts (including architecture) can be visually defined (as a style, with similar elements… some guidelines, it is easy to recognize and identify). the hybrid spaces don’t have the same “guidelines” to identify them as a style in the hystory of architecture, but they do have several common characteristics

– geometry : a mix of euclidean and non-euclidean geometry (a kind of “soft” geometry of curves and surfaces) case studies : UN studio – Mobius House, Zaha Hadid

– production : the conventional representation in plan/crossection/elevation is becoming obsolite – 3d virtual models are taking their place and they are in direct comunication with the production machinery (printed representations are not always necesary in the case of theese new breed of spaces) case studies : CATIA program – Gehry Technologies – Bilbao Gugenheim Contemporary Art Museum

– temporality : virtual simulation can now be used to study the behaviour of build works – not only for degradions, but to explore the dynamics and mechanics of interactions between building and environement (including the persons that come in direct contact) case studies : NOX – water pavilion

…. more to come, images, videos, links….


2 thoughts on “work in progress…hybrid spaces…

  1. U do realize some of the concepts depicted in here are a little bit to high tech for neanderthals..even the Euclidean Geometry 🙂

  2. well…. PhD and research in general is not really for neanderthals (not even when it is about them) but then again, who is interested and wants to understand… searches further (google & books are our friends)

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